What is the Sound Museum?

Sound Museum returns October 2012 for a new season of the show.
We broadcast live on JOY 94.9 in Melbourne, via the free smart phone app or online at joy.org.au.
Sound Museum also podcasts interviews which are free to download via CPOD or iTunes.

Join music enthusiasts Leo & Johno as they discuss the latest happenings of the dynamic, competitive music industry and the issues that are affecting it the most.

They keep track of the weekly charts, the latest releases, touring news, and conduct interviews with artists, producers & figures in the industry. It’s informative, entertaining, filled with fun segments and of course, a great diverse selection of music.

The Presenters

Johno is New Zealand born, bred and PROUD, and has a gorgeous Kiwi accent to prove it! He has lived in Melbourne for three years. Johno has always had a passion for the music industy and spends hours online researching artists.

A wild child of the 80s, his first ever album was Hunting High and Low (1985) by a-ha on cassette. The first CD he ever bought was The Best of Belinda, Volume 1 (1992) by Belinda Carlisle. He has seen Michael Jackson, George Michael, Kylie Minogue, Pink, Scissor Sisters, Ricky Martin, Janet Jackson – just to name a few – live in concert and has metmany artists over the years including K.D. Lang, Adam Lambert and both Kylie & Dannii Minogue.

Johno has been at JOY 94.9 since December 2008, having successfully completed the “Taste Of Radio” course.
Aside from Sound Museum Johno also hosts Lunchtime Joy every Tuesday from midday – 2pm.

Leo grew up in Auckland, New Zealand & has always been a huge music fan.
His first record bought was Irene Cara’s Fame – over the years his passion for music & the industry grew.

His favourite artists include Kylie Minogue George Michael, Mariah Carey, Anthony Callea, Tina Arena & many more.

Leo worked in music retail in the 1990s before moving to Melbourne in November 2000.

Leo has been at Joy 94.9 since April 2010 & has successfully completed the “Taste Of Radio” course.
He officially joined the Sound Museum team in late 2010 & since being involved with the show has worked closely with Johno to ensure the show evolves & moves with the ever changing music industry.

He also hosts The Friday Morning Show on Joy 94.9 from 9am – midday.


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